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Cook with Kelly

Repeat after me, 'salad is NOT a dinner'.... 

How many times have you opened a veggie cookbook (or checked out a famous food blogger's website) to find

that their '35 inspiring vegetarian dinner ideas' are mostly salads, soups and pretty side dishes?

There's none of that in our cooking classes: all recipes are carefully thought out to fill the tummy and the mind.

The recipes here include all elements of a meal with sides and garnishes, too. #noveggieleftbehind

Join a Tuesday cooking class or view past recipes to get involved.


I'm Kelly

A self-taught foodie with a love of spices, I started up a weekly social veggie cooking class during lockdown and it's still going...


I cook by smell, touch and taste not by numbers so my classes aim to teach fellow food lovers to cook by instinct and with love. 

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