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Week 47 - Rainbow bowl with halloumi fritters

Rainbow bowl with halloumi fritters, seed crackers & pea hummus.


300g grain of choice: eg. couscous, brown rice, bulgur wheat, barley etc (cook in stock for extra flavour)

Fancy cheese of choice: goats, mozzarella, burrata, feta etc

Nuts of choice: cashews, pine nuts, walnuts etc

A nice vegetable of your choice (eg. asparagus, broccoli, leeks etc)

Small bunch of spring onions

1 small carrot

1 lime/lemon

1/2 block of halloumi

1 tin of chickpeas

1 mug of frozen peas

1 egg

Herbs & spices: small bunch parsley, small bunch mint, 1 small clove of garlic (or cheat), smokey paprika, chilli (fresh/dried/chipotle)

*For the seed breads you will need: 20g sesame seeds, 20g chia seeds, 30g pumpkin seeds, 50g sunflower seeds, 10g linseeds/flaxseeds*


4 figs

1 small pomegranate (see my hack on how to release the arils)

Tahini (don't buy especially, only if you have it lying around)

Beautiful, colourful rainbow bowls of goodness from the foodies this week


Slice your vegetable of choice (asparagus, broccoli etc) · take out peas to defrost · drain chickpeas · chop parsley · grate carrot and halloumi · put oven on 160° · put on your grain to cook

Seeds and chickpeas

Into a bowl, weigh your seeds:

  • 50g sunflower seeds

  • 30g pumpkin seeds

  • 20g chia seeds

  • 20g sesame seeds

  • 10g flaxseeds

Mix with 120ml of water and set aside for 10-15 mins.

Tip out your drained chickpeas onto a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and spices of your choice: a tablespoon of smoked paprika and chilli powder to taste is nice. Pop in the oven for around 10-12 minutes depending on how crispy you like them.

The bowls

Put a wok/frying pan to heat to medium high with some olive oil. Stir fry your choice of vegetable until done to your liking. Set aside.

Choose 4 pretty serving bowls. Split the following delicious ingredients between the bowls and layer up:

  • Your grain of choice

  • 3/4 of the parsley

  • Your stir fried veg

  • Quartered figs and pomegranate arils (if using)

  • Sliced spring onions

  • Nuts

  • Cheese

  • Toasted chickpeas (once done)


Line a baking tray with tin foil and generously oil the tin foil. Check your seeds mixture, the water should be mostly absorbed now. If there is any remaining, drain it off.

Dollop the whole lot onto the oiled tin foil. Use a spatula to thinly spread the crackers out. Squidge the edges together a little to make sure any rogue seeds are put back with the others.

Gently put into the oven and check after 20minutes. Depending on your oven, you may need another 10 mins. Let them cool a little and then crack off the tray.

Halloumi fritters prep

In the seed bowl (to save washing up), add your grated carrot and halloumi.


  • the remaining parsley

  • the zest of 1/2 lemon/lime

  • 1 egg

  • 2tbsp flour

  • optional to add 1tbsp of sesame seeds

The mixture should be a little wet but not sloppy. Don't worry, as you cook these later, the cheese will melt and bind everything together! Set aside.


In your blender, whiz up:

  • defrosted peas (1 mug)

  • small handful of mint

  • 2tbsp tahini (optional)

  • 2 glugs olive oil

  • Juice of 1/2 lemon

  • Salt and pepper

Taste after blending, adding more of the above ingredients until you get the balance you like.

Finally, let's move on to the fritters, the best part of the meal ;)

Halloumi fritters

Heat a non stick pan to medium with a touch of olive oil. Add a tablespoon of the mixture and use a spatula to flatten a little. As it heats the fritters will become delicious fritters - turn over when golden brown.

Don't overcrowd the pan or it will lower the temperature too much; you may need to cook them in batches. You can wrap them in a teatowel to keep warm.

Serve everything together and make sure you haven't forgotten any of the ingredients (check the oven, blender, kitchen sink...)

Bon appetite.

Pictures from @vanda89vandi and @Shans_Scran

Tag us on Instagram if you use any of these recipes and we'll add you to our story! @cookwithkelly

Seed crackers from @quitegoodfood

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